Thursday, February 2, 2017

The first version of Swiper 3d Story has been updatet to the market recently.
There is still a lots of things to do, but we are excited.
It is a game entirely made with unity, with a rest service layer in the back-end.
The back-end ensure that every level can be passed averagely the 40% of the time for the typical user.
We choosed to do so because we don't want another game that keep the player stuck for days at the same level. We want instead to give a delightful exprience, always new, very often.
At the moment (be patient!) there are only 7 levels, but they give a good idea of what the game is.
We don't provide a tutorial, because we think that the game is very intuitive, and also because we want the user to figure out the features of every special token.

to download the game on your phone you can visit:

The first images we can give to you are the following ones (we will provide new ones as the new features will be released):